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Coffs Harbour Professional Accountants

Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants are committed to providing our clients with efficient, reliable and professional accounting & financial services.

With a history extending over 40 years and a team of experienced, qualified and up-to-date professionals, we take pride in our personal level of service and our ability to provide all clients with direct partner contact.

Latest News

EOFY deduction checklist for businesses

MyBusiness has released a checklist of potential deductions for you to consider prior to the end of financial year. Click the link below to read more.

Cryptocurrency tax tips

As cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular it is important you are aware of the implications of buying and selling as this may need to be included as a capital gain or loss in your income tax return.

ATO-held super

When the ATO holds super money for you, it can include amounts paid by employers, superfunds or the government on your behalf which can be consolidated or claimed once you have met certain conditions.

Further support for businesses

We've outlined some ongoing incentives available for businesses - click the link to find out more.

Ongoing COVID incentives

Post JobKeeper incentives.

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